Monday, July 7, 2008


Poetry is an interesting thing.  Each word matters, each little detail that may seem insignificant adds or detracts from the meaning as a whole.  Very interesting medium nothing like novels.

As things have gotten more strange with my life I have begun to write more poetry.  I am blessed, cursed, broke and all that jazz and it all helps me to write from emotion.  Poetry is not dry, it is written from feelings not facts which is why it is so different than novels.  A poem can take 12 seconds to write, read or understand or this same poem can take months to perfect, consume or illuminate.  It is a strange thing poetry.

Because it flows from emotion poetry refuses to follow rules.  This aspect of being open and vague helps each reader to make poetry their own.  Their lives and perspective change the connotation of words and therefore the meaning as a whole, because each word relies on all the others to survive.

So try it out.  Write your own poetry and let your emotions run wild.  Or bottle up and explode on someone.  Thats fun, and I speak from experience here.

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