Monday, June 30, 2008

Future employment

Randomly today while looking at an amazing art site, Sons of the Storm, I came across a link to the Blizzard employee hiring page.  My first reaction was holy crap.

Why, I thought to myself, would Blizzard, a huge gaming company, need to hire so many people, there are like 25 job listings there?  After browsing through them I came to the realization that Blizzard isn't going to hire anyone, which I like in a company, if I was working there I would want them to hire competent people and not just anyone off the street.  What bothered me though was the requirements, almost every position demands 5ish year experience in said field.  Now I understand that game design is a very hectic sometimes painful career, but really 5 years?  The game industry has barely been around for 20 and half of the people that want to get into game design have only been thinking about games for 15ish years.  How will it be even possible for hopefuls to get into this industry?

But I pressed on, forging through the data and the text and came to what I call, the "why you really want to work for these people section."  To me, the time off seems a little short, I mean 9 days of holidays and 3 weeks vacation?  I guess thats a month and christmas, and I think my ideas of vacation have been screwed by attending school.  And sick leave just seems to me like a thing that you can't control, meh.

But then I really found the gold.  Blizzard is an awesome company not because they make great games, but because they care so much about their employees.  I'm sure the pay is good and the work is fun, but really, all the benefits just stack up.  It makes me wonder why other companies don't invest in their employees more.  Seems to me, the more money you put in, the more money you'll get in the end.

Friday, June 27, 2008


1. Extremely contrasting, giving new light to an idea, situation, belief, etc.

1. A metal band that broke up in 2002.

Yes, it's a word I swear.  You know, like bombastic.  And I've never heard the band before, so I can't recommend them on good conscience.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today has been pretty meh.  I hate work, and my jaw is sore from pool basketball, which is weird cause I don't remembering getting hit in the face.  These are the reasons I did not post till now, and the reality is I don't really have much to say, it's weird.

I stinking love matt and his videos.  He's also a really cool guy, so go watch his videos and shoot him an email.  Unfortunately even though it may sound like it I've never met the guy.  My loss.

I'm still playing Wow.  You can hit me up on Archimonde.  Kinda getting bored with it.  I'm tired of looking for pug Kara runs and never getting past the first boss.  At the moment I'm feral, but...well I may go back to Moonkin, so much better for pvp and I can still raid that way, and I'm searching for a guild that actually raids, west coast raid times.

In the future I will try to avoid Wow on here cause, well, I don't really like blogging about it, but I had no ideas.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


At first, with the title I was going to talk about public relations and how California is basically the most socially diverse segregated state in the US, but then I decided to save that thought for later.  Instead I'm going to explore some of my ideas about dating.

Just a moment of truth, I have never dated anyone outside of a school event so I am not speaking much from personal experience, more of what I see occurring and how I think the world works.

History on "dating", which more or less will first require a definition shall be the start.  By wikipedia dating is.  Basically the purpose of dating is to find your mate, and not your best pirate friend, although those are nice, the point is to get hitched at the end.  I kinda like this plan, little Ky's running around and terrorizing the world kind of gives me a warm feeling just above my stomach, kinda like when the waffles go down, hmm.  Yummy.

History lesson time.  Dating didn't use to exist!  Gasp!  Shock and awe, I'm sure all of you knew this, but get over your smartness, this is my soap box.  Parents used to set people up, and basically force them to get hitched, arranged marriages. I'm not sure why this is exactly, but by and large this worked, I mean, were all here today aren't we?  Somewhere along the line this all changed.  Now we have mostly adolescent dating, and adult marriage.

First off, we all know that teenagers hormones are raging, its how it works, and it used to be that said teenagers would be married before or during their college years, very early by todays standards.  This was either because parents didn't want to have to deal with insane young adults that can't control themselves, it was time to get hitched or the economy needed more workers.  It's probly a mix of all of these but the thing is that modern teens are missing something because they have to wait to get married till much later in life.

Teen marriage is mostly put off because formal education is deemed more important than emotional or relational stability.  Education is not the problem because learning is important, but it should come after personal well being.

This all said, the modern teenager attempts to resolve his instability by dating.  Unfortunately this is also used as an expression of social status (have you ever met a 5th grader who is dating? it boggles the mind).  So college is seen as the end all by many who didn't for a many number of reasons date in high school.  I am in this line of thought.

College won't free me, it won't find me a wife, but what I hope it does is relieve the pressures of high school to maintain social appearances.  There are quite a few amazing girls that I would never have been able to date because of who they were socially.  Did I mind, not really, but was it a problem, kind of.

High schools purpose is not social interaction, high school is basically a prison of learning.

So what am I going to do?  I'm going to break the freaking mold.  Couple weeks here and I am going to ask one of those high school girls on a...well it's a thing, appearances still get the best of us I am afraid.  Will anything come of it?  Who knows, do I care?  Not really, I'm more worried about having fun.  So by definition, it's not really a date at all is it?

Note:  Courtship has been left out of this not because it does not apply, but because it deserves a post on its own.  This post may or may not happen.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am an addict.  I admit it, I love webcomics.  They are everything entertaining; funny, dramatic, colorful, artistic, moving.  Through my reading of comics I have found that the best comics have great characters.  It is these characters that drive the world, storyline and humor.

In a recent development I along with the great Nad have decided to begin a webcomic.  He will artist and I will author.  As author the one thing I need to do is come up with an original amazing character.  Well maybe not totally original, but amazing.

I would somehow like to incorporate a platypus into the comic, sort of a Hobbes like character, imaginary or not, but an offset of the main character.  I want him to be a bit reserved, kind of the voice of reason to the antics of the main character, someone who will hold up the main character falls, but is not all perfect.  He needs a fear, or some deficiency.

The main character, I have no idea.  I want him to be an eccentric, but semi socially challenged, his friends are close, his enemies, well I haven't thought that far.  He swings on emotion, but deep down hes got a smidgen of wisdom that only appears in times most unexpected.  We shall see where this leads, I need to brainstorm ideas.

Advice would be awesome.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Dear imaginary readers, yes your imaginary...mostly becaust I haven't bothered/remembered to post in over two months and therefore I can safely assume that you gave up reading long ago, I have returned.

My first order of business as newly appointed head of blogging for Leader of the Pack is to apologize for my lack of posting, hopefully I shall be able to create a rhythm and post quite frequently.

Second item on the agenda, remind all of you that the outdoors are a wonderful place when viewed face to face.  From the inside of car windows the outdoors only leave a fleeting impression of the wonder of life.  Please, get outside and get off Wow, I'm looking at you Ellie.  And by the outdoors I mean vistas!  Not just any crapy old vista either, but the real thing.

I am off for now, but I may soon return with more yummy goodness.