Monday, June 30, 2008

Future employment

Randomly today while looking at an amazing art site, Sons of the Storm, I came across a link to the Blizzard employee hiring page.  My first reaction was holy crap.

Why, I thought to myself, would Blizzard, a huge gaming company, need to hire so many people, there are like 25 job listings there?  After browsing through them I came to the realization that Blizzard isn't going to hire anyone, which I like in a company, if I was working there I would want them to hire competent people and not just anyone off the street.  What bothered me though was the requirements, almost every position demands 5ish year experience in said field.  Now I understand that game design is a very hectic sometimes painful career, but really 5 years?  The game industry has barely been around for 20 and half of the people that want to get into game design have only been thinking about games for 15ish years.  How will it be even possible for hopefuls to get into this industry?

But I pressed on, forging through the data and the text and came to what I call, the "why you really want to work for these people section."  To me, the time off seems a little short, I mean 9 days of holidays and 3 weeks vacation?  I guess thats a month and christmas, and I think my ideas of vacation have been screwed by attending school.  And sick leave just seems to me like a thing that you can't control, meh.

But then I really found the gold.  Blizzard is an awesome company not because they make great games, but because they care so much about their employees.  I'm sure the pay is good and the work is fun, but really, all the benefits just stack up.  It makes me wonder why other companies don't invest in their employees more.  Seems to me, the more money you put in, the more money you'll get in the end.

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CarHop said...

when youre blizzard, if you ask for people with 5 years experience, you get people with 5 years experience....