Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long time

It's been a long while since I have sat down and taken the time to write.

Right now, I am sitting in class wishing I wasn't here.  Luckily there is wifi and all we're doing is watching Romancing the stone.  I wanted to write my dear Kati a letter but it is too dark with the lights down to write legibly.

I have my Visual Aesthetics class next, that should be interesting.  Turned in my demonstrating lighting project last night.  Some of the photo's are on facebook.

I don't have much to say.  No emotional issues popping up to deserve a long winded post.  I miss my lady friend.  I wish God would have it another way, but I know this is what he wants.  It's hard, but I know we are both going to grow so much through the pain.

At the end of the tunnel there is a bright bright beautiful light.