Monday, June 23, 2008


Dear imaginary readers, yes your imaginary...mostly becaust I haven't bothered/remembered to post in over two months and therefore I can safely assume that you gave up reading long ago, I have returned.

My first order of business as newly appointed head of blogging for Leader of the Pack is to apologize for my lack of posting, hopefully I shall be able to create a rhythm and post quite frequently.

Second item on the agenda, remind all of you that the outdoors are a wonderful place when viewed face to face.  From the inside of car windows the outdoors only leave a fleeting impression of the wonder of life.  Please, get outside and get off Wow, I'm looking at you Ellie.  And by the outdoors I mean vistas!  Not just any crapy old vista either, but the real thing.

I am off for now, but I may soon return with more yummy goodness.

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