Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As the crow flies

Muse, April 3, 2008

Recently while driving to Night of the Stars the inhabitants of my Astro Van described me as lost.  Now I've driven downtown before, but I don;t know the street names or general location of anything besides the Courthouse, Chukchansi Park and the Hospital.  I find my way mostly by memory and area recognition.  I knew exactly where I was, but not where I was going.

But here's where the conflict lies.  I had to fight a basic carnal instinct of males everywhere.  I asked for directions.  I admit it, I failed my maile brethren everywhere.  I confess it will be a long road of recovery but I am sure I will be able to pick my pride out of the dirt and dust it off.

I could have printed directions off of Google, Fresno Christian could have better advertised the locale of the event (we had trouble finding the dining place even though I knew where the Wilson theater is) or I could have driven with more knowledgeable companions.  Being under the influence of testosterone pretty much removed all of these options.

Luckily I had my handy dandy cell phone.  I called and I got, well, I got nothing.  My admission of failure was met with little to no help.  I don't blame my dad, but he's a lot like I am.  He had to be there and see the streets, buildings and hobos.

Eventually I found it.  I made the turn, looked over my shoulder and saw the glorious sun setting over a parking spot across from Wilson Theater.  So next time you know exactly where you are but no idea where you are going, don't worry.  Eventually the destination will be found.

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