Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie woes

Muse, March 20, 2008

Fresno Christian has an annual tradition that really, lets just say, it forces a courageous few into a week of hell.  I would name those at fault, but I really have no idea who they are.

I know that Night of the Stars was moved back a couple months to give everyone more time to work on their movie, but the reality is that it did not happen.  Every year the movies get put off till the last minute.  That is just how this whole movie thing works.

We have passionate people, but no one is getting paid.  This is a highschool production of big budget films.  The sophomores are remaking Forest Gump which won 6 Oscars and earned 667 million dollars worldwide.  The juniors are remaking Back to the Future which grossed 416 million dollars.

With such big undertakings someone is sure to fail, but the point really isn't an amazing movie.  The point is to make fools of ourselves.

This is why this year the seniors picked Clue, well, it really isn't, but Clue is a movie that most people haven't seen even though it will be easily recognizable.  Our cast is under very little pressure to preform like the actors and actresses in the original.  Unfortunately, this does not give them the inherent ability to act, but it's jut a NOTS movie so I'm not worried.

What really worries me is the fact that our movie must be done by Wednesday and we are no where near done filming.

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