Monday, July 21, 2008

I am tired...

of wanting to say things to people, to hold a conversation, but not being able to because of an abundance of unwanted "eavesdroppers."

Now I know in my heart that people aren't eavesdropping intentionally at least, but in my head it is impossible to find a quite crowd.  Those public places where it doesn't matter what you say because no one cares.

Take for example a starbucks.  I swear more under the table deals, secret conversations and illegal transactions take place in starbucks than any other place in the world.  Coffee shops are a spy's paradise.

Unfortunately I do not at the moment have the freedom to steal said people away to a quiet respite surrounded by unknowing multitudes, but that day will come (maybe next week) where we can escape from the prying eyes and the all too ready ears.

Just an FYI, churches are not this place.  More gossip happens under the roofs of God than any other place.

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