Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The end is just beginning

Muse, April 1st, 2008

Night of the Stars is over.  The awards have been doled out and the seniors actually did well for themselves with five trophies this year.  Being so involved with this year's production definitely cut down on my homework and free time, but I thought it would get easier now that it's over.

Unfortunately it seems that this last big push won't end till May 23.  I would really love to have less stress but most of my workload and problems stem from school-related activities.  Our journalism competition ends Friday and I have a hardcopy deadline on Friday along with the next piece of our senior project.  On top of all of that I have yet to start my SlickRock competition commercial which is due on Thursday.

Not to sound arrogant, I have really brought all of this down on myself, but I know that other students have the same problems right now.  For seniors college is looming, for other students sports and extracurricular activities and on top of everything finals will appear quickly and suddenly.

I don't want less work.  All of the things I need to do are necessary, but the last thing I need is more.  I am sure I could organize everything in a tight schedule so that I get everything done on time, but where would the fun in that be?

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