Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peer pressure

Muse, March 14, 2008

A lot of this post will be in response to Suzanna Quiring's post When Titanic meets As the World Turns.  The majority of her post centered around the idea that boyfriend and girlfriend relationships in high school are next to meaningless.

On one hand I agree, the potential for these relationships to last through college is very slim.  Not impossible, but college does things to people and usually the couple will not attend the same college.  College plus a long distance relationship does not equal smooth sailing.

But on the other hand, the peer pressure caused by relationships is mostly self inflicted.  I really do not desire a girlfriend right now.  Highschool, preparing for college, NOTS and my friends consume my life.  I can hardly find time to do my math homework much less make time for a serious relationship.

I have removed myself from this self-infliction by acquiring a certain mindset.  Suzanna says that "A boyfriend or girlfriend makes us feel accepted and appreciated," but I don't think this is healthy or even necessary.  Relationships drive lives and if acceptance and appreciation can not be found from those around us something is wrong.

Now does this mean if someone came along that I would immediately turn them down?  No, because relationships drive my life deliberate thought would have to be put into this.

My speech in AcaDec definitely helped me understand a piece of this.  If we as humans are so prone to assume that people can read our minds how can we hope to have a successful relationship?  Communication is key and being able to communicate well only comes from practice.  Now, I am not advocating dating so that people can get "practice" in for marriage, but having healthy relationships with many people is necessary.

This is where I agree with Suzanna, dating for the title of boyfriend or girlfriend or anything like that is a waste of both parties time.  However, I have many meaningless relationships with people that I have never dated.  I'd list some but I don't want to make these people cry.

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