Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Arenas did not go very well yesterday.  Carson and I went 5-5 so I think our rating went up a little, but were still in the 1350s which is meh.  We finally did 3s with Allyourbase, which was pretty fun.  I think we went 3-7 so we lost more than we won, but it was our first time so I'm not too disappointed.

I think I bring the teams down a little, because as a druid I have about 20 abilities I can use for pvp in caster form.  This doesn't even include my ability to go into bear and bash, or into cat and attempt to stun someone.  I need way more practice getting used to chain cycloning someone while keeping roots up one someone else while also dpsing and healing.  I can see how natures swiftness would be an awesome spell to have, an instant 4-6k health would probly devastate the other team.  Unfortunately I find my treants too useful to respec.

I think well get about 300-375 points from our 3s team.

Unfortunately with all the stuff Carson and I have going on I am not sure when we will be able to do 2s or 3s again.  It's kinda going to be a crazy week, and I already miss, someone.  Hah.

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