Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More movie goodness

So, I had an amazing topic in mind at 7 this morning, but...well...time passed and my mind moved on and I lost it.  I'm sorry that my priorities are not in the right place.  My faithful few readers...meh...I kid no one...no body reads this thing, but I am getting off the point, topic, thing, I lost this amazing subject that I was so willing to talk about earlier and I am reduced to this.

Rubbish I say, who needs inspirations when there is such thing as Apple and movie trailers.  Another Pixar film comes out this June and I can't wait.  I love movies, they are full of story telling and entertainment.  I love it.  But there is a problem with movies in Fresno.

Movies in Fresno are stinking expensive and I, the jobless poor man who desperately needs work, but doesn't really have time at the moment, do not have the money to pay for a 10-11$ movie, especially when I can rent one for 5 bucks or buy it on iTunes for 3.  It really is a scam, and I hate getting scammed and ripped off.

So in reality my options for seeing all of these movies that I want to see are waiting till they get released on DvD, get a job or steal the money from hobos.  Unfortunately stealing is not likely to happen and really I kinda like hobos, I mean hobo-mode has served me well thus far.

Thus I must get a job.  Sad stuff, growing up, but it must be done.

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