Friday, March 7, 2008


May is going to rock so hard!!!

Holy cow I am psyched.  Now, I was gonna talk about milk, but I saw this little goodie a little bit ago.  AWESOME!!!  I mean...KABOOM!!!'s so beautiful.

AND...then there is this!  I can not wait for May.

Movies are amazing, I love them so much.  They are a crazy mix of story telling, acting, entertainment and hilarity.  This is one of the reasons I want so bad to get into this industry.

Ok...milk...I was gonna talk about milk.

Milk is amazing.  I'm not talking goats milk, or...other milk...but the tried and true COW milk.  Why is milk amazing?  For one main reason.  It has byproducts.  Now unfortunately the first thing I think of when I hear byproducts is meat.  Hotdogs, sausage and chicken nuggets.  But these nasty creations of man are not what I refer to.  I mean...give me the MEAT!!!  But were talking about milk and meat and milk...they don't go together.  What is the milk byproduct of the gods?

Ice cream. That lovely gooey, flavorful, cold and delectable treat.  For this reason and this reason only is milk amazing, because ice cream is made from milk.  Not only does ice cream totally sweep the desert floor, I mean, ice cream goes with everything, but it is all-american!  Wait no...I lie...oh well.  Too bad really, but I guess us americans just can't improve the awesomeness anymore than we already have, go figure.

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